Ultimate Baby Shower/Gender Reveal with a Private Chef in Perth

With restrictions slowly lifting around the country, you can start to plan your baby shower/gender reveal in Perth. Most exciting of all is the fact that we can finally entertain guests at home again – after all, dinner parties are the new eating out

If you’re planning to host a baby shower or gender reveal in Perth, these are the best ideas from our team… 

Home is where the heart is

When it comes to hosting a baby shower or gender reveal, there’s no place like home, and that’s traditionally the most popular option for these intimate events. Sure, a high tea experience is popular amongst many people, but nothing comes close to the intimacy of gathering with your loved ones in the comfort of your own home. More and more people are choosing to host their baby showers & gender reveals in their homes, where they can show off their new baby nursery, entertain guests in their own space, and enjoy the privacy and intimacy only a home can offer. 

If you’re worried about the cleanup – don’t worry, our team offers post-party cleanup services so you can entertain guests and then enjoy a spotless home when all the fun and games are over.

Transform your home into a stunning venue

You can easily turn your home into a luxurious event venue with some simple decorations and by hiring a Perth private chef to treat you and your guests to an incredible meal or canapes. Our team can help you transform your backyard or living space into a gorgeous setting for a party that will wow your guests and make for some spectacular photographs. String up some fairy lights, hang a few potted plants, put up the must-have banners and balloons, and voila – you have yourself a beautiful space for a baby shower or gender reveal party. Add a few colourful flowers and you’ll have an unrecognisable space that’s as picturesque as any event venue.

Enjoy privacy and intimacy

Hosting your baby shower or gender reveal at home means you and your guests are free to feel comfortable and casual. These kinds of events are personal and you want to share them with your closest friends and family in a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed. When you host your baby shower or gender reveal at home, you can be as loud as you like, dress as formally or informally as you like, and even have a lie-down if you need to! 

All of the food will be made with you in mind

When you hire a private chef in Perth, they’ll come to your home and cook up a spectacular feast so you can focus on entertaining your guests and not worrying about food. All of the meals are customised to your tastes and preferences (or cravings!) so you can be sure that you’ll love everything that’s on the menu. You can even work with your chef to design a menu that’s made just the way you like it. And best of all, your personal chef will leave your kitchen spotless once everyone is well fed and happy. 

Easy breezy booking

If you choose to host your baby shower or gender reveal at home, you won’t have to worry about scrolling through countless venues to find one that’s affordable, available on the day & time you want it, and within easy access of all of your guests. All you need to do is book your private chef – and all that takes is one simple click of a button! We’ll match you with a nearby Perth personal chef who can whip up an incredible meal, canapes, or grazing table that’s made just the way you like it. 

Other baby shower/gender reveal party venues in Perth

Not everyone can host a party in their home. Perhaps it’s too small or you simply want to leave the house and be somewhere else for your event. There are plenty of places in Perth where you can enjoy an intimate gathering with your friends and family to celebrate your baby. Here are just some ideas to get you thinking… 

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

With warmer weather on the horizon, the Botanic Gardens make for a beautiful option for hosting an outdoor baby shower or gender reveal party. Set up amongst the lush greenery and have a beautiful picnic under the shade of the trees or while soaking up the sun. The Botanic Gardens are a gorgeous environment to be surrounded by, and there are plenty of walks the mum-to-be and her friends can enjoy. There’s also plenty of room for you and your guests to spread out and get comfortable. 

The downside of hosting your baby shower or gender reveal party at the Botanic Gardens is that you won’t be able to hang up as many decorations, sitting may be uncomfortable (especially for the mum-to-be), as you’ll need picnic chairs or to sit on the ground on picnic blankets. It can also be a little harder to organise some great quality fresh food. Try to skip the chips and dips and treat the mum-to-be with a private chef experience. We can send out one of our Perth personal chefs to join you at the Botanic Gardens and lavish you and your guests with freshly made meals, gourmet canapes, and tasty picnic treats to elevate your event. 

On a farm

Farms and barns are a popular spot for hosting weddings, but they can also be great venue locations for a baby shower or gender reveal party, too. The rustic and homey environment is perfect for the theme of having a new baby, and the setting will almost always look amazing in photos. Be surrounded by nature, enjoy the quiet laid back atmosphere of being out in the country, and have plenty of space for yourself and friends without worrying about crowds or other groups sitting nearby. Depending on the farm and the owner, you might also be able to put on some loud music or even hire a live band to entertain the guests at your party. 

The downside of hosting a baby shower or gender reveal party at a farm is that it can be hard to find a suitable venue and it could be a little out of the way for some of your guests. There’ll also be a long drive home after all the fun is over, which can be tiring for the mum-to-be. If there are plenty of gifts to be gifted, then it can be tricky trying to bring them all home as well. 


OK sure, the mum-to-be won’t be able to drink and it could be tempting or triggering for her to be at a vineyard, but they can also make such beautiful locations for a baby shower or gender reveal party. You have the nature aspect, vast open fields, lovely views, and usually some great food on offer as well (or at least cheese!) Some wineries have function rooms or terraces that can be hired out for special events like a baby shower or gender reveal, making a great option if your guest list is a little large. 

The best wine regions around Perth are the Chittering Valley, Perth Hills, Bickley Valley and Serpentine Valley. The downside of hosting your baby shower or gender reveal party at a winery are, first of all, tempting the mum-to-be by dangling wine in front of her that she cannot drink, and secondly, it can be a little out of the way for some of the guests. 


Hotels usually have function rooms that can be booked out for special events like a baby shower or gender reveal party. The good part of hiring a hotel for your event is that they can usually take care of everything, so you won’t have to do much in terms of organising and booking things like decorations, drinks, and so on. Though that may not always be the case, depending on the hotel. Another upside is that there are hotels dotted all over Perth and its surrounding areas, so you’re spoilt for choice whether you want to go inland, by the sea, or deep in the heart of the city. 

Hosting a baby shower or gender reveal party at a hotel can also be fun if you and the guests choose to stay overnight and make it an extended celebration. With a baby on the way, this opportunity would really foster some special memories with your close friends and the chance to connect on your own for the last time in a while. 

Book a private chef in Perth for your baby shower/gender reveal party

Whether you’re at home, at a venue, or in a park, you can hire a personal chef in Perth to spoil yourself and your guests with incredible food at your baby shower or gender reveal party. From cupcakes and desserts to extravagant multi-course meals, decadent degustations, and beautiful grazing tables, your personal chef can create anything you desire for your special occasion. We have some of the best chefs in the city, and they will travel to you to deliver a fresh, home-cooked catering experience that’s as fine dining as any of Perth’s best restaurants. Best of all, we’ll take care of all of the cleanup too. 

Get in touch with our team and we can discuss your baby shower or gender reveal ideas, including menus, decorations, equipment or staff hire, and more.