10 Unique Ways to Spend Mother’s Day this Weekend

In case you hadn’t remembered, it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday. That’s right, the one day of the year dedicated to giving back to the one lady who’s infinitely given so much love and support to us throughout our lives. You can’t forget about this one.

Sorting a Mother’s Day gift is easy

… just head to the ‘Home’ section at any department store, purchase anything at random, and she’ll be satisfied. But despite your purchases, all mums will agree that the best gift is the quality time spent together on Mother’s Day itself.

So first thing’s first: clear out your schedule for Sunday if you haven’t already. This year, you’re gonna blow mum away with unexpectedly great quality time on Mother’s Day. And if you’re scratching your head for ideas on just what you two can do, we’ve got you sorted with a few ideas…

Mother's day flowers

What’s your mum like?

Not all mums are made equal, and while taking one mum to a hot yoga class might be heaven, it could be another’s hell. Mums are nice and they’ll pretend to enjoy it, but you’ve got to tailor your Mother’s Day adventures to what your mum wants to do, not what you want to do.

So what type of mum do you have? We’ve broken down our activity ideas by the different types of mums we’ve seen out there. Identify your mum’s type below and a fantastic Mother’s Day idea shall await you.

1. Adventurous mums: Mystery Road Trip

You’ve got one day, but a day is long if you rise early. Take your adventurous mum on a road trip and don’t reveal the location. Pack a picnic lunch, drive out of the city (this is a road trip so you’ve got to drive for at least an hour and a half we reckon), and let mum feel a rush of excitement and adrenaline as she heads to the unknown. Some mystery road trip ideas could be:

  • A national park with a walking track or swimming hole,
  • A nice lookout up a mountain,
  • Glowworm caves,
  • A secluded beach along the coast,
  • A nearby town or city that you can explore together.

2. Wino mums: Take her to a cellar door

Ahh, there’s nothing easier than pleasing a wino mum. All you need is a good bottle of wine! Instead of investing in a hefty old bottle of vino this year, why not take your mum to a cellar door for a tasting and some good food? She’ll get to try different wines, possibly go home with a couple of bottles, and maybe even get a tasty feed while she’s at it. A long, beautiful day, just dedicated to wine. We mean mum. Mum.

3. Earthy mums: Visit a farmers’ market

If your mum is into earthy, organic, sustainable goodness then it’s safe to say she’d find absolute bliss in a Mother’s Day spent at a farmers’ market. Fresh produce, lots of flowing conversations between stall-holders, raw organic honey straight from the hive, some handmade goodies like natural deodorants, soaps, and candles… your earthy mum will be in heaven. Bonus points if you find a good small town op shop along the way!

Visit farmer's market on Mother's Day

4. Foodie mums: Impress with a special brunch

Foodie mums want one thing and one thing only – to be taken out for a good meal. To impress a foodie mum on Mother’s Day in 2018 you’ll have to give her a one-of-a-kind experience that she won’t have experienced before, and we know just the thing.

If you haven’t already heard, vegan is all the rage these days, and if your mum’s a foodie then there’s no doubt she’d be interested in a good vegan meal. Just to try it. So she can talk about it later. Impress mum with the power of delicious vegan cooking with this special vegan Mother’s Day brunch in Surry Hills. Check out the photos, our mouths are watering already!

5. Social mums: Throw her a tea party

Maybe your mum is a fabulous social butterfly who’s been all too busy to spend time with her favourite gals. Why not host a tea party and invite all your mum’s closest girlfriends? Their daughters can come too, providing you with your own entertainment, and you can all play hostess to your mums’ own private high tea party. Make little cucumber sandwiches, scones, get some nice teas, and let the ladies have some fun.

6. Creative mums: Take a workshop or class

Creative mums are happy when they’re using their hands and imagination. It is a great way to do something different for Mother’s Day is to take mum to a workshop or class. This could be anything from painting, pottery, and glass blowing, to gardening or cooking. Have a look for creative workshops in your area and see if you can find something to give mum a unique experience this Mother’s Day.

7. Self-love mums: Get a beauty treatment

Some mums want nothing but to relax on Mother’s Day, and for good reason! Mums deserve all the blissful relaxation in the world, and a great way to squeeze some blissful relaxation in there for you too is by scheduling a beauty treatment for the both of you. You could spend the day at a spa, or just go for something small like a massage, manicure, or facial. Follow up your beauty treatment with a light meal afterwards (make sure mum’s not cooking!) and let mum go to bed happy and relaxed.

8. Busy mums: Hire a private chef to cook her dinner

For busy mums, the idea of heaven isn’t relaxation. It’s having someone else do the work for them. They dream of the day that they can sit back on the couch while someone else serves up dinner or does the vacuuming. And there’s a way for you to give them just that, without you having to be the one doing the work!

This Mother’s Day, why not hire a private chef to come to cook up a storm for mum at home? She won’t have to move a muscle. CHEFIN can organise a customised menu just for mum, a chef and waitstaff for the ultimate stress-free experience, include drinks as well, and best of all, they’ll clean up the kitchen afterwards. Mum will be blown away, we guarantee it.

Mother's Day - Hire a private chef to cook her dinner

9. Sentimental mums: Watch old family movies at home

If you’ve seen your mum cry more than you’ve seen her laugh, then you’ve got yourself a sentimental mum. These mums are nostalgic and love walking down memory lane. There’s nothing that’ll make them happier than ordering in from Uber Eats and watching old family movies together. Try to round up as much of the family as you can, and enjoy hours of hysterical laughter and tears. Bonus points if you follow this up with old rom-coms and films from your mum’s youth.

10. All mums: Schedule heaps of hugging time

No matter what adventure you’ve planned for mum, make sure you schedule in heaps of hugging time. Hugging makes everyone feel good from the inside, both the giver and receiver of the hug and on Mother’s Day, your mum deserves extra hugs and kisses. No matter how old you are, approach mum at least 5 different times throughout the day for a surprise hug. Hug more if you can. Give your mum a good warning that she’ll be receiving lots of hugs throughout the day, and keep them coming. Mother’s Day is about spreading love and joy, and hugs are the easiest way to transfer that energy.

Keep on going hugging your mum :-)