How to Plan a Hens Night Without Clubs & Bars

Planning a Hens Night and your girl doesn’t fancy the whole penis straws and clubbing kind of scene? Or maybe COVID-19 has put a damper on your wild Hens Night ideas. That’s OK – there’s plenty you can do to celebrate an awesome Hens party without being at a bar. 

We’ve got some creative and classy Hens Night ideas that are fun, interactive, COVID-friendly, and better than any traditional Hens you could have imagined… trust us! Your bride-to-be will thank you for saving her the embarrassment of a penis-shaped cake.

Cocktail making

Instead of making a racket in a tightly-packed, dimly-lit cocktail bar, get your girls together for a mixology class instead. It’s fancy, boozy, and a whole lot of fun all at the same time. You can hire a hot bartender to teach you and your ladies how to mix up your own cocktails, or to sign up to a private mixology workshop in your city. A mixology class can teach you how to make your favourite cocktails or you could get creative and design your own cocktail creations. Compete for the best result and, voila, you now have an added game component! 

This is a great Hen’s Party idea when you’re bringing together a bunch of girls who might not know each other that well. There’s no need to be sitting around awkwardly cramped at a table trying to make small chat – have some fun and get mixing! 


Cocktail making is just one of so many workshops you could attend for a sensible-yet-fun Hen’s Night out. If your bride-to-be is the creative type, she’d love an artsy workshop with the girls. Workshops are also a great daytime activity before hitting the clubs and booze in the evening, if that’s your thing. Go for a candle-making workshop over cheese and wine, or a pottery or ceramic class where you can get your hands dirty and take home a little souvenir. 

Wanna try something a little obscure for the Hen’s Night? How about a macrame class? Though you might want to skip the wine for this one. It’s all about making tricky knots and techniques that might be hard to pick up when your head is buzzing. Want something a little more simple? Flower crown workshops are a quirky, girly Hen’s Night option where you can make your own floral headpieces before donning them on your night out. 


Bride-to-be a massive foodie? Then there’s nothing else she’ll want more than an incredible degustation feast. We’re talking 12 courses of absolutely incredible food that you’ll find only in the fanciest of restaurants. Treat your girl to a banquet that’s full of treasures and she’ll eagerly anticipate dish after dish after dish. Great food, amazing conversation with your girls, and expertly paired wines – there’s no classier Hen’s Night option than this. For the most exclusive feel, hire a private chef to deliver a completely bespoke degustation that’s catered to your bride-to-be. It’ll be packed with her favourite ingredients, flavours, and cuisines – and what’s more impressive than a multi-course meal that’s been expertly designed just for you? 

Wellness Hen’s night

If your bride-to-be is more into pilates than parties, plan a wellness-themed zen Hen’s Party to get her inner glow happening before the big day. You can start off with a private yoga class, either in the comfort of your own homes or at a hired studio space. Afterwards, unwind with a group massage session, and when you’re feeling all floppy and relaxed, a guided group meditation session. You can follow up this dreamy wellness Hen’s Night with a workshop on making your own natural soaps or skincare. Take home some homemade balms and moisturisers and douse your group with relaxing scents like bergamot and ylang ylang… such a wholesome bonding activity! Other creative activities you could indulge in for an arty Hen’s Night include a terrarium making class or a paint and sip, where you can rip open a bottle of booze while you create your own masterpieces. 

Cooking class/cook-off

Competitive, cheeky, and delicious! Get your cook on with the girls at an interactive Hen’s Party cooking class. It’ll be just you, your ladies, and a professional chef in your own commercial kitchen as you embroil yourselves in a Masterchef-style cooking challenge. It’ll be complete with fun tasks, cooking stations, and lots of food tasting along the way. You could learn how to make pizzas, dumplings, pasta, or whatever your bride loves to feast on, as you compete in a cooking challenge like no other! (Well, it’s kind of like Masterchef). 

If you’d prefer the cooking without the challenge, you could have a more civilised cooking class here you learn to cook at a slow pace. Sip on some wine and learn the ropes from an experienced chef. Italian, Japanese, Mexican… the choice is yours! 

Salsa dancing

What’s sexier than a bit of salsa? Teach your bride-to-be some fancy new moves at an evening salsa dancing class with the girls! You could host your own private salsa class or join a group session for a bit of fun and giggles. Salsa is a fantastic exercise while also being a great bonding group activity. Learn how to move your body to some classic Latino rhythms and enjoy dancing the night away without having to be in a crowded, sweaty dance floor at a club… 

Let’s plan your Hen’s Night

Every Hen’s Night needs great food. Whether you’re interested in hosting a cooking class, degustation, or going to a workshop – great food is a must! There’s a reason why everyone looks forward to catering the most… Let us make sure your Hen’s Night experience is complete with gourmet canapés, exquisite meals, and your own personal chef. Because nothing exudes luxury more than having your own private chef! 

We can also help you source venues for your Hen’s Nights, create custom desserts and dishes, and help you plan the ultimate Hen’s Party of your dreams. No hard work on your part! Get in touch with our team and let’s start chatting today.