How to Organise a Team Building Event During the Lockdown & Restrictions Period

Working from home has quickly become the norm over the last few months and work culture has been impacted as a result. It’s hard to recreate the sense of community that comes with nipping down for coffee breaks or chatting in the kitchen when everyone is cooped up in their own home. As many people may have noticed, team spirit and morale can start to falter when people aren’t physically working in the same space together.

If you’ve had team lunches and events scheduled then you’ve likely had to cancel them, and it might be time to re-inject your team with a good dose of morale. The restrictions period doesn’t mean that team building has to be put in hold – in fact, it’s an opportunity to create a new sense of team bonding and spirit. If you’re wondering how you can organise a team building event during the lockdown, here are some ideas for both remote team building exercises and in-person events.

Know the rules & plan as usual if you can

Regulations around social distancing are changing rapidly, so make sure you constantly stay up-to-date with the restrictions in your state. You can find COVID-19 related information for your state on this website. With cafes, bars, and restaurants now opening up to the public (in limited numbers), you have the option to organise your team building event as usual – if you have a small team. Bookings are going quick, so if you want to use this option then make sure to plan ahead so you can secure your spot.

You’re now also able to take regional holidays, if your workplace is the kind that would find comfort in a weekend team building camping trip. Many people are feeling a sense of cabin fever and itching to be out in nature, walking, moving, and changing scenery. Our culinary camping experience is the perfect getaway with fun and adventurous team building exercises like horse riding and quad biking.

Finally, you can now also book venues for events with guests of limited numbers (depending on your state). Our team at CHEFIN can help secure a venue and organise catering as well as team building activities like blindfolded dinners.

5 remote team building exercises

For workplaces that will be working from home for awhile longer, there’s still plenty of ways you can encourage team building. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Virtual Friday drinks

You may not be in the same room, but you can still enjoy your usual Friday drinks banter from home! Use Zoom or the House Party app and invite everyone who wants to partake in the evening’s boozing. The best part about virtual Friday drinks is that everyone buys their own alcohol, so there’s no arguing about which brand of beer to get for the office. So grab a drink, log in, and unwind with your coworkers at the end of a long week with a nice virtual Friday drinks.

2. Fitness challenges

Alright, lockdowns have been lifted so most of us are getting out and about again, but that doesn’t mean you should throw your fitness challenges and odes to better health out the window. Keep your employees motivated to lead a physically healthy lifestyle by hosting fun fitness challenges. Every week, issue out a challenge to your team – for example, run XX km this week, do XX pushups this week. Those who are interested can sign up and keep each other motivated to complete the task throughout the week. Fitness challenges are a great way to encourage team bonding and spirit while also getting your team moving while working from home.

3. Cooking class event

This is a fantastic team building exercise for remote workers because it really feels interactive and engaging. A virtual cooking class can be organised with a private chef leading your team through new recipes and cooking techniques. You can organise for the ingredients to be delivered to each person’s home prior to the event, and then just have everyone login and get cooking! You can teach everything from pasta and pizza dough making to cooking with flowers or making dumplings.

4. Virtual trivia

Feel like some fun and games? Virtual trivia is a great way to uplift spirits and encourage team building during the lockdown period. Host the meeting on Zoom, divide your employees into teams, and prepare for some trivia fun. You can source endless trivia questions from the internet, even with themes and different categories. Try to pick themes and topics that are relevant and refreshing – from popular culture and TV to sports and notable figures. And of course, make sure there’s also a prize for the winning team – this is all about boosting morale here so give them something to work for!

5. Team lunch event

What could be a better moral booster than treating your entire team to a company-wide lunch? Keep your lips sealed and then announce on the day that everyone should keep their lunch plans free – reveal nothing. Around lunchtime, organise for meals to be delivered to your employees’ homes and have everyone login to their video conferencing software at the same time. Sit down, have a chat, and relish the same quality food together.

Hosting a team lunch is a great way to reward your employees during this hard time, showing them that they are valued. It’s also a great team building exercise for those working from home – it can be lonely. And if you’re after five star catering that’s fine dining quality, our personal chefs can create on-the-go lunchboxes to easily deliver to your team.