How to Celebrate Father’s Day in Lockdown

It’s looking like Father’s Day in 2021 is going to be spent in lockdown for many people. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t create some exciting new memories with your dad! There are so many ways you can do something special or different – or even just enjoy the same old activities with a little extra kick. All it takes is a little imagination… 

We’ve rounded up six fantastic ways you can celebrate Father’s Day in lockdown this year. There’s an activity here for every type of dad, and every kind of budget. Read on for our favourite ideas on how to treat your dad this Father’s Day. 

Organise an at-home wine, craft beer, or whisky tasting

Many wineries and breweries are shut down due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, but that doesn’t mean that you and your dad can’t bond over a few drinks. Organise an at-home wine, craft beer, or whisky tasting, depending on your dad’s beverage of choice. This will be a fun one for you as well as your dad! You can order a few drink selections from a nearby bottle shop or cellar, and have them delivered to your home ready for prime tasting. 

Make sure to go all out to make this one a real treat – play sommelier and lay out the different wines you plan to sample, along with information about tasting notes and a cheese board. If it’s craft beer your dad fancies, find information about each brewery you’ve chosen and give your dad a primer on who made the beers, where they came from, and what makes it different from other beers. If you want to try whisky tasting – a fantastic choice, in our opinion – prepare some nice glasses for the tasting and stock up on cheese, charcuterie, and a few nice dips. 

Now remember, drink tastings aren’t the same as plain old drinking! Take your time with your dad to observe the colour, texture, feel, of your chosen drink and explore the story of the beverage and producers together. Play host and let your dad feel like he’s being given a premium tasting experience. If you really want to spoil him, follow this up with an extravagant chef-led meal for a real treat. 

Cook a meal together

Sometimes the simplest options can create the longest lasting memories. Cooking is a fantastic way to bond with your dad while also partaking in a shared activity on Father’s Day. You can either let your dad choose a recipe he’s been wanting to try, or the two of you can look one up together. Get experimental and try to make something different from an exciting cuisine. The journey of discovering new flavours and ingredients always adds to the fun of cooking. 

Make sure to avoid falling into stone cold silence while cooking. Play music, share stories, crack a few jokes… the idea is to let go and enjoy a couple of hours together in the kitchen. Afterwards, you’ll both get to reap the reward of your hard work by sitting down to enjoy the meal you’ve created together. Nothing like good old classic bonding over food! 

If you’d like to tackle a real fine dining treat, try our COVID at-home fine dining package. This is  a 5-course meal prepping kit that makes it super easy to cook your own gourmet feast at home. Neither you nor your dad need to know how to cook! Each of the five courses are carefully prepared and packed by a private chef, tailored to your dad’s tastes or cuisine of choice. Also included are instructions on how to finish off the meals at home and present them beautifully! Included in the kit are 2 entrées, 2 mains, 1 dessert, and complete instructions on how to finish off the meal at home. 

You can order an at-home dining kit here. 

Have a movie marathon

If your dad’s not the type to set foot in the kitchen (either due to skillset or interest), then another simple and affordable way to pass Father’s Day in lockdown is by hosting a movie marathon. Line up a series of his favourite movies, stock up on primo snacks, and lay back for a few hours and bond quietly in front of the television. 

Movie marathons are low key but still encourage a certain spirit of bonding as you go through each flick together. You can easily up the level of extravagance by using a projector, setting up a cheese & charcuterie board, and having plenty of drinks on hand. Don’t let your dad peel his eyes off the screen – you can play usher for the day and grab him any snacks or bevvies he wants. And make sure to let your dad have the best seat in the house! 

Spoil him with a private chef experience

Let your dad feel like a king on Father’s Day by hiring a private chef to come and cook for him at home. Spoil your dad with luxurious fine dining from the comfort of the living room, his bedroom, the garden, or wherever he feels like dining. Your private chef can work with you to create a menu that’s full of your dad’s favourite flavours, or you can let them take charge and deliver something truly spectacular on the day. 

Our private chefs deliver incredible dining experiences to your home, including multi-course meals, degustations, and Japanese omakase dining. If your usual go-to on Father’s Day is to take your dad out for a premium meal, then hiring a private chef will one-up it and ensure he still gets that experience during lockdown. Depending on your city’s current COVID lockdown restrictions, a private chef may not be able to come and cook in your home. In that case, they can prepare your meal elsewhere and deliver it to your door, piping hot and ready-to-eat. 

Make him a unique handmade gift

If you’re in complete lockdown and stumped for ideas on how to treat your dad this Father’s Day, know that organising a cool activity is not the only way you can make him feel loved. Sometimes the best gifts are sentimental gifts, and in that case there’s nothing more precious than a gift that has been handmade with love. 

Whatever your skill sets or talents may be, there’s always something you can make for your father on his special day. You could draw him a portrait, make a collage, transplant a plant into a pretty pot, write him a song, or build something out of clay. What you make doesn’t have to be jaw droppingly excellent – it’s the thought that counts. Your dad will love that you spent some time making something special just for him, and sometimes that’s the most precious gift of all. 

Take a virtual museum tour

If your dad is a huge fan of art, science, history, or technology, then he may love taking a virtual museum tour with you. He may even be surprised to discover that there is such a thing at all! Many museums around the world have created virtual tours to allow people to access their exhibitions during the lockdown period. What’s great about this option is that you don’t even have to visit Australian museums – you can go overseas and tour museums all across the globe! 

These are just some of the museums you can virtually tour with your dad during a Father’s Day lockdown – make sure you’ve got them on the big screen for prime viewing! 

Virtual museum tours you can take during COVID lockdown

  • Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC – This is the world’s most visited natural history museum with the largest natural history collection on earth! If your dad is a history, science, or anthropology nut, he will adore this museum tour. The Smithsonian is home to more than 145 million specimens of plants, animals, fossils, minerals, rocks, and human cultural artifacts. And you can view them all online here. 
  • British Museum in London – One of the world’s most famous museums, the British Museum is home to a huge collection of more than 8 million works. Its exhibitions span across human history, art, and culture, making it one of the most comprehensive museums in the world. This is where you can see Egyptian mummies! Take a virtual tour here. 
  • Getty Museum in Los Angeles – If your dad is a big fan of the arts, perhaps he’d enjoy a tour of the lesser known Getty Museum in LA. This museum features works of art from the 18th century to the present day. The museum has 29 exhibits that are able to be toured virtually, including ‘Fantastic Beasts of the Middle Ages’ and ‘Taking a Stroll in Renoir’s ‘The Promenade”. Check the exhibits out here. 
  • Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid – Once the second largest private collection of art on earth, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum is home to more than 1,600 paintings. A great online destination for art-loving dads, the Thyssen has more than 80 virtual tours that you can take together. View works from Rembrandt and Salvador Dali, and enjoy pretending you’re in Spain for the day. Click here to tour the Thyssen-Bornemisza exhibits. 
  • Louvre in Paris – Does this museum even need an introduction? If your dad is a fan of art and history, there’s no better (virtual) destination than the Louvre in Paris. While you can’t tour the entire museum from the comfort of your lounge room, you can view its top four exhibits which feature some of its most famous works of art. Sit back with a glass of wine and marvel at the world’s biggest art museum together. Check out the Louvre’s free online tours here. 
  • Vatican Museum in Rome – Who knew you could take in the beauty of the Sistine Chapel while in lockdown in Australia? The Vatican Museum has opened 14 virtual tours through its different exhibits, including the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Room, allowing you to marvel at the huge art collection owned by the Roman Catholic Church. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy this tour, it’s straight up some of the best art in the world. Click here to explore the Vatican Museum’s tours.

Let someone else BBQ for a change

If your dad is a simple man who doesn’t demand too much when it comes to Father’s Day, then a simple way you can show him love is by letting someone else take control of the BBQ for a change. The temperature is always warming up when Father’s Day rolls around, and it’s prime time for an outdoors BBQ in your backyard, at the beach, or at a park if COVID restrictions allow it. There’s no better way to bond with your family under the sun than with a classic BBQ.

If you’re not ready to take control of the BBQ yourself, you can hire a private chef to deliver an authentic BBQ experience for your dad. Our private chefs are experts at cooking meat and can cater incredible American BBQ, Brazilian Churrasco BBQ, or Japanese Yakiniku/Yakitori/Robata BBQ experiences. Our BBQ experiences come with plenty of meat as well as 2 sides, 2 salads, and 1 shared dessert. Book your dad’s BBQ experience here. 

There’s plenty to do this Father’s Day in lockdown

Don’t let the threat of a lockdown deter you from planning a spectacular day for your dad. There are plenty of ways you can still bond, have fun, and show him some love this Father’s Day. If you’d like to discuss a bespoke catering or private chef experience for your dad this Father’s Day, feel free to get in touch with our team. We’d love to make sure that all dads are treated to an awesome Father’s Day, despite being in lockdown.