How to Celebrate EOFY in the Age of COVID

End of Financial Year is one of the busiest times of the year for employees. And at the end of what’s been a very difficult year, it’s more important to make them feel valued and appreciated than ever. So bring on the EOFY celebrations in 2021! There’s no better way to boost morale and let your employees know that they’ve done a great job than by having some fun and bonding as a team. 

After lots of working from home, emotional ups and downs, and general uncertainties this last year, EOFY is the perfect time to bring everyone together and make some sweet memories. Here are some ways you can celebrate EOFY in the age of COVID – whether you’re social distancing or working together in the office. 

Virtual wine & cheese night

Let’s start with something simple, elegant, and able to be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. If your team is working remotely or unable to come together to celebrate EOFY, why not host a virtual wine & cheese night? 

The best part of any cocktail party is arguably the extravagant cheese platter, so have a small cheese package delivered to the homes of all your employees for a wine & cheese night hosted on Zoom or Skype. If you want to get fancy, allow each employee to select the type of wine they’d like to accompany their cheese package and deliver a bottle to each home. 

Log in at a scheduled time, and let your team enjoy some giggles, chats, and a lot of much needed downtime from the comfort of their own homes. You can add fun activities to this wine & cheese session, like virtual trivia. 

Culinary journey around the world

One of the greatest pain points of being under quarantine is missing out on holidays and planned vacations. A lot of your team members may be feeling disheartened that they were unable to get away and travel this year, so why not bring the world to them? Food is a fantastic sensory experience that can transport a person to virtually anywhere. Choose a location – or let your team vote on a location – and take a culinary journey around that region, tasting the best foods, learning about new ingredients, and drinking some local cocktails or wines. You could even host a multi-course lunch or dinner and take a journey around the world, with each course representing a particular country or region. 

Our Taste of the World journeys are designed to make you feel like you’re eating from the kitchen of a local from all corners of the globe. Led by a private chef, your team can learn all about these foods, the traditions and history of each dish, and feel like they are taking a guided tour in a different country. Some of the places you can take your team include Mexico, the Caribbean, Peru, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Morocco, and Hawaii! The best part of this experience is that it’s creative, imaginative, and really takes you away from where you are to a whole new world – something we all need right now. 

Winter cooking class – in person or virtual!

One of the biggest hobbies picked up during the quarantine period is a new love of cooking. Many of your employees may be finding newfound joy in the kitchen, and a winter cooking class is the perfect way to teach them some hearty, nourishing recipes to keep them fuelled at this time of year. Hire a chef to lead the class and teach your team members about the best foods to eat in winter, how to use spices appropriately, how to ferment & preserve foods, and more! 

A cooking class is a great team bonding experience that lets your employees walk away with new life skills that they can continue to use in the future. The great thing about a cooking class is that it can also be hosted virtually. You can arrange with your chef to have set ingredients sent to each of your team members if they’re working from home, and each can take part from the comfort of their own kitchens. 

Blindfolded dinner experience

We’ve spent so much of this year wearing a mask in front of our mouths, but what about a blindfold in front of the eyes? A blindfolded dinner experience is a unique and memorable activity that’s fantastic for team bonding. Not only will your team get to indulge in a fantastic five star multi-course meal, but they’ll do it all while blindfolded. How’s that for something different? 

A blindfolded dinner experience takes away the sense of sight, so people can enjoy their food in a whole new way. Tastes are heightened, textures are expanded, and the journey of eating becomes entirely new and different. Our blindfolded dinner experience includes a fun competitive edge – a chef introduces the dish, and then your team will taste and try to guess the ingredients used in the meal. After a few minutes and guesses, the chef will come back and reveal the dish. Blindfolds can come off, people will be in awe and surprise at what they were eating, and you can see who has the keenest senses of your team! 

Private chef for the whole office

One of the main aims of a fun EOFY experience is to show your employees that you value and appreciate the hard work they have done for your business over the last year. And one of the best ways to dote on someone is by waiting on them hand and foot. So how about hiring a private chef to feed your office for the day? Let your team feel like celebrities as a private chef cooks a fresh breakfast, lunch, and dinner meal for them to enjoy while hard at work. 

You can include your team members in the menu creation process, and let them sign off on the final menu before it’s created by a private chef of your choosing. This is guaranteed to be a truly luxurious experience for all your team members, and likely one they won’t forget… don’t be surprised if they start nagging you for an in-house chef full time! 

Let’s make this EOFY a special one

It’s been a tough year, and everyone deserves to feel spoiled with good food. So let’s make this End of Financial Year extra special for all your hard working team members. Get in touch with our team and we can help you organise any of the activities above, and more. If you have any culinary experience ideas in mind that you’d like to share with your employees, just let us know and we’ll do our best to make it a reality. Otherwise, feel free to browse our experiences page for some other fun ways to combine food and fun for your team.