Where to Host Your Office Christmas Party in 2018

Before you get planning the big bash, you have got to make sure you’ve got a solid Christmas party venue sorted. The venue is arguably the most essential element of planning a workplace Christmas event, and the location is everything!

Christmas party venue sorted

While you can have lots of fun celebrating Christmas in the office, taking employees outside to a separate party venue makes the day a lot more special (and memorable). If you’re feeling stumped for ideas on Christmas venues in 2018, we’ve got you sorted. Here are some ideas that’ll make this year’s corporate Christmas party one to remember!

1. Secretly hidden venues

Did you know about the secretly hidden venues scattered throughout Sydney? Probably not, because they’re ultra-secret. Give your employees a taste of exclusivity and fun by hosting your Christmas party at a top-secret venue in the heart of Sydney.

There are abandoned fine-dining restaurants, luxe warehouses sitting below the Harbour Bridge, and a whole host of ritzy venues that’ll make your employees feel like part of the A-list. It’s all about the allure here, you’re celebrating Christmas away from the hustle and bustle, in a luxury venue that’s off the beaten track and all yours. Check out The City Secret for a taste of what hidden venues you could find…

2. The great outdoors

What could be better than whisking your employees away to the beach or the heart of the bush for an outdoor summer feast for Christmas? You’ll get to let off some steam, enjoy a swim or a little hike, and eat delicious food surrounded by Australia’s best natural scenery.

At CHEFIN we can organise Christmas catering anywhere you want, whether it’s a remote seaside cliff or a campsite in the middle of the Blue Mountains. Trust us, there’s nothing more exciting than a gourmet grazing table and 3-course meal served in the great outdoors.

3. Surry Hills rooftop terrace

What if you had your very own multi-storey Surry Hills rooftop terrace to run around in for Christmas? Far enough to be away from the office, but not far enough for employees to dread the trip home, booking an entire inner-city venue for your Christmas party means you’ve got the privacy and space for everyone to let loose and have a good time.

This multi-storey Surry Hills rooftop terrace house offers city views, a whiskey bar, multiple-storeys for entertaining, a large dining room, and several little nooks and crannies for people to congregate and hang out. It’s like a house party, only for your employees! Bonus: decorate each room/level differently to create a unique and immersive Christmas venue experience.

4. Don’t limit yourself

You’ve got a couple of months to really get creative and brainstorm some truly spectacular venues – but don’t limit yourself. If you’re worried about Christmas party catering, equipment hire, and event management, we’ve got you sorted. At CHEFIN we’re making corporate Christmas catering possible – wherever you are. We’ll connect you with an expert private chef, a team of wait-staff, and cater your office Christmas party wherever and whenever that may be.

So get brainstorming! There are plenty of Christmas party venues that are outside-the-box, and we’re ready to help you make your unique Chrissy party ideas come to life. Just get in touch – and if you’re still stumped on venue ideas, we can help you find the perfect spot.

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