5 Activities for a Rad Christmas in the Office

You don’t have to leave the office to have an awesome Christmas party. You don’t even have to think hard about the party, either – we’ve got you covered.

It’s the end of the year and the whole team wants to let off some steam, and the Chrissy party is where they’ll do it. If you’re in charge of the celebrations, you’ve gotta make sure everyone has a good time or it’s on you!

Here are 5 activities that’ll turn your office into a Christmas funhouse this year. Hear hear!

1. Human Christmas tree decorating

Christmas office activities
Human Christmas tree decorating

Why just have one office Christmas tree when you can have many? Stockpile some art supplies and materials like crepe paper, pipe cleaners, aluminium foil, and tinsel, and divide the office into teams. Have each team dress-up one of their members like a Christmas tree, complete with decorations and all!

Afterwards, you can have a little presentation of all the office Christmas trees, and vote for the best tree. It’s a funny and silly activity that’ll get people interacting and using their creative skills to have some kindergarten style fun. Add a prize for the winning team – like a bottle of Champagne or a Chrissy hamper – and you’ve got lots of happy smiles.

2. Chrissy card workshop

This is a nice little alternative to the traditional kris kringle. Designate a corner of the office to set up ‘Santa’s Little Xmas Card Workshop’ and supply it with plenty of colourful paper, pens, markers, and art supplies. Write the name of each employee and put it in a hat, and have them each draw out a name – then get to work hand-making a Christmas card for that person.

The workshop can be set up all day so that employees can go and do their thing whenever they feel bored or have some spare time. It’s a nice way to share some pleasant words between coworkers rather than just exchanging funny gifts, and gets those artistic juices flowing!

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If you have any leftover material at the end of the day, employees can make cards for their friends and family too – people don’t give enough sentimental handmade gifts anymore.

3. Chrissy cooking class

Host a cooking class and let your employees cook up some tasty treats to give as gifts for Christmas. You can bring in a private chef to teach your team all the secrets to culinary success, some secret Christmas-themed recipes, and then have them all join in to make something like jam jars, Christmas cookies, pasta or whatever your heart desires.

There’s no better way to let off some steam than by cooking or baking and smelling the tasty aromas of your hard work. This’ll get your team having fun, interacting, and taking home some goodies to share with others (or just eat on the way home).

4. Xmas-themed Minute to Win it

Classic games are classics for a reason – they’re damn good and everyone has fun pretty much 100% of the time. They’re those games that everyone groans about but then ends up having a great time. Minute to Win it is a total classic and will provide some challenging competitive fun for your team.

Basically, you set a goal and give teams one minute to achieve the goal. Put a Christmas twist on it and your employees will be having all sorts of fun trying to outdo each other and complete the missions in a minute. Some ideas:
Buy a pack of gingerbread man cookies, and place one on the forehead of each competitor. The goal – to move the gingerbread man cookie down their forehead and into their mouths, using only their facial muscles (no hands!)
Have a couple of Christmas wreaths on hand and divide the players into two teams. Begin by putting the wreath around one team members head. The goal – to transfer the wreath from one team member to the next, using only their heads. The final team member must then place the wreath on a post to win the game.

5. Blindfolded Chrissy feast

People have high expectations of Christmas corporate catering, and if you’re staying in the office this year you’ve gotta make sure the food impresses. Make Christmas lunch part of the fun by hosting a blindfolded Christmas feast.

A personal chef will cook and serve a 3-course delectable feast, and serve each dish to your blindfolded employees. Without the sense of sight, they’ll have to be guided by their other four senses (now heightened). Have them guess the ingredients, origins, and flavours behind each dish, then remove their blindfolds to see who’s got the keenest senses of them all.

See? You don’t have to leave the office to have a good time. It’s all about getting those creative juices flowing, creating an entertaining environment, and letting your employees let loose to have some fun together (with good food. Don’t forget the good food).