How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Differently

Wondering how to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently this year? Maybe you’ve been doing the old chocolate and movies routine a little too long, or maybe you’re just not a fan of mushy romantic stuff. Whether you’re looking to impress your partner with something new this Valentine’s or you’re looking for a way to celebrate that doesn’t involve candlelit dinners, we’ve got you.

We’ve pulled together this list of different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day to help shake things up this year. There’s a bit of adventure, a bit of romance, something for the oldies, and something for the youngins. Valentine’s Day is about sharing an experience with your loved one and making lasting memories. So forget about the pressure of buying a jaw-dropping gift, and go for these Valentine’s Day experiences instead.

1. Get flour instead of flowers, and bake

This is a low-key Valentine’s Day idea for couples who like to chill at home. A tongue-in-cheek gift idea that’s low cost but high in sentiment, get your lover a bag of flour for Valentine’s Day this year. Search online for some super cute recipes for heart-shaped cookies, pink cakes, meringues, pastries, whatever your heart desires, and spend the day baking.

If you’ve never baked before, you’ll have tonnes of fun working out the technique with your partner. Add some wine, and you’ve got a definite good time. If you or your loved one are seasoned bakers, then take this chance to make a creation that’s truly unique. This is your baby, so have some fun! Ice it, decorate it, and go all out.

The best part about this idea is that by the end of the day when you’re all tired and sweaty from being in the kitchen, you can relax on the couch with the results of your efforts. Just don’t have too much fun and forget the goods in the oven!

2. Take a mini-road trip to a nearby town

The best experiences are the ones that take us out of our everyday reality. To do something new, different, and exciting this Valentine’s Day, take a mini-road trip out to a nearby town. That place you always see on the map but have never been to? This could be the time to go check it out! Going to a new town will give the two of you the chance to slow down, look around, and discover some new pubs, cafes, and shops.

If you’re the type of couple to camp, spend the night in a campsite under the stars and go for a scenic bushwalk in the daytime. For those who like a little more luxury, stay in a nice bed and breakfast or Airbnb and enjoy a breath of fresh air in a new place. And don’t fret about whether the town will be boring, there’s always excitement in adventure and discovering new places.

3. Indulge in an extreme experience

For some people, a mini road trip is enough of a shakeup for the everyday. For others, a little more is needed! If you and your lover are the type of couple that loves a bit of adrenaline, chase that thrill on Valentine’s Day. Organise something crazy that will get your hearts pumping and your blood thumping! Isn’t that the whole point of Valentine’s Day?

Here are some ideas to get you started, only for the brave! Skydiving, bridge climb experience, race car driving, hand gliding, or windsurfing. What better way to display your love than with a near-death experience?! Your appreciation for each other will double by the end of it.

4. Instead of a fancy dinner, get a private chef

Another idea for homey couples, ditch the expensive dinner and bring in a private chef instead. The chef alone will be enough to impress your partner, but the fun won’t stop there. A personal chef means you can enjoy a fine-dining quality multi-course meal, cooked just for the two of you. Have a feast made of your favourites, and watch your private chef prepare it in your kitchen!

Hiring a private chef means the two of you can focus on the two of you, leaving the food (and cleaning!) up to a professional. It’s a huge step-up from getting food delivered, and makes for one hell of a unique experience. What better way to spoil your loved one than by spending Valentine’s Day on the couch, having gourmet food handed to you by a private chef?

5. Go to a class together

There’s no better way to bond than by attending a class with your partner. Whether it’s dance class, cooking class, art class, or a workshop, the two of you will get the chance to learn new skills while sharing the experience and fun. Let’s say the two of you decide to attend a cooking class. You’ll get to pick up new tricks and techniques, try your hand at experimenting with different foods, and have a laugh when things don’t go quite as planned.

The two of you will get to enjoy whatever food you’ve just created, and sit back at the end of the day reflecting on all that you’ve done and learned. The recipes and tricks you picked up in your cooking class will be used again and again throughout your relationship, and you’ll reflect on this Valentine’s Day date for years! We can’t think of anything more wholesome than that…

Need some help organising Valentine’s Day date? Our food journeys and experiences are a delicious way to connect with your loved one and celebrate the day. From romantic dinners to blindfolded dinners, cooking classes, and culinary camping experiences, this is how to celebrate Valentine’s Day differently – without missing out on all the good food!