3 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in July in Your Office

We all love Christmas, so why not experience it twice? In Australia, Christmas in July is our chance to have that wintery Christmas we grew up watching in the movies – dewy mornings, mulled wine, huge wintery spreads, and maybe a bit of ice skating if you’re lucky.

Whether you’re looking to boost morale, get your team bonding, or have a bit of fun in the office, Christmas in July is the perfect excuse to have a midyear celebration in the workplace. Your employees will be feeling a bit of winter blues with all the cold weather and lack of sunlight, so having a bit of fun together will help shake things up and put some smiles on people’s faces.

Part of the fun of Christmas in July is rugging up indoors with the heater on and a warm cuppa, but the other part is gorging on good food, delicious wine, and great company. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, here are three ways to celebrate Christmas in July in your office.

1. Don’t redo Christmas

Christmas is a huge office bash, and the memories are still fresh on people’s minds despite being halfway through the year. Try to do most of the wintery weather and create a different Christmas atmosphere in your office.

Here are some ideas:
Light some yummy scented candles,
Get a different wintery Christmas tree (complete with fake snow),
Provide some warming winter teas,
Bring in some warm baked gingery treats, and
Just go all out in creating a wintery wonderland.

Doing all these little things can help set a nice and cosy Christmas in July atmosphere in your office, giving it a distinct mood that’s different to the usual summer Christmas vibe.

2. Host a Yuletide Feast

A lot of Christmas traditions have their roots in paganism when people would celebrate the winter solstice or shortest day of the year. Winter marked a time when people could take a break from their farming work, and they’d fill their time with lots of good company and great food. The call for celebration also helped stave off any winter blues that would accompany dark, cold weather.

Treat your hardworking employees to a traditional Yuletide feast, complete with seasonal multi-course menus and fuelled with lots of good wine. It’s an occasion to reward your employees for all the excellent work they’ve done for you this year and to help show your appreciation. Your Yuletide feast could be hosted offsite in an exclusive venue, or you could decorate your entire office and bring in a private chef to host your dinner experience.

Roasted ham, stewed fruits, nuts, gourmet cheeses, slow-cooked lamb, hearty soups, sweet custards and baked treats a Yuletide feast is full of mouth-watering warming winter foods that’ll leave your team satisfied.

3. Take your team ice skating

There may not be snow, but there will be ice! A great team building exercise and fun adventure for your team are to go ice skating. Unleash your employees into a winter wonderland where they can connect, move their bodies, and do something refreshingly different together. Couple this adventure with a gourmet Christmas in July lunch or delicious picnic to give your team even more time to connect and soak in the Chrissy atmosphere.

If you’re in Sydney, there are plenty of pop-up ice skating rinks you can take your team to:

Winterlight Festival
July 5 – July 21

Prince Alfred Square in Parramatta is the only place in Western Sydney where you can take your team ice skating in an outdoor winter wonderland. More than just a skate rink, the Winterlight Festival also has a few carnival rides and booths, making this a great option if you plan on including employees’ families & kids in your Christmas in July celebrations.

Skating at Cathedral Square
June 28 – July 21

St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney CBD is playing host to an outdoor ice skating rink that’s open all day and late into the night (for those of us having our fair share of mulled wine). If you want to feel like you’re skating outside Hogwarts in a cold English landscape, this is a seriously beautiful and cosy spot where you can soak up some winter sun and treat your team to some hot choccy afterwards.

Luna Park Winterfest
July 5 – July 22

How’s this for a bit of fun? If you’re looking to shake things up this Christmas in July, treat your team to a day out in Luna Park, where there’s a pop-up ice skating rink under the Ferris wheel. Go for a skate, hop on a few rides and share some thrills with the team, and have a few stories to share afterwards. To take things up a notch, treat your team to a Christmas in July picnic feast by the water afterwards, complete with a private chef.

Winter is all about feasting, and you can’t have a Christmas in July celebration without decadent, wholesome winter foods. Let a personal chef treat you and your team to creative wintery cuisine that’s tailored to your Christmas in July event. Canapes, buffets, lunches, grazing tables, and more… get in touch and let us treat you to the ultimate feast!