Make Your Next Business Lunch a Hit With These 5 Corporate Catering Food Trends

If you’re organising corporate catering for your business event, you’d better bet that everyone will have their eyes on what’s being served. Pick the wrong meal and you’ll be seeing a lot of disappointed faces. But give people what they want and the entire event will be a hit! The trick to keeping people happy (or entertained throughout a long meeting or training day) is always good food.

Whether you’re hosting VIPs and investors or just treating your employees to a business lunch or catered meeting, it’s always a good idea to avoid getting the same old corporate catering each time. If you find that you’re constantly ducking down the road to that cafe to pick up some salads and sandwiches, it’s probably time to try something different. These 5 food trends will keep bellies full and happy, and ensure your teammates will be flicking you a big old smile. Because you’re a corporate catering wizard.

Catering trend #1: Smoked anything

In case you haven’t noticed, people are big into smoking these days. And we don’t mean cigarettes! Smoked meats, cheeses, dips, and even smoked garlic has been a hot ingredient on the corporate catering demands list lately. If you’re catering a business lunch or dinner, consider a BBQ with delicious smoked beef brisket, or sandwiches with smoked deli meats if you’re after a lighter affair. For meetings and training days, you can’t go wrong with a grazing table or sharing platter packed with smoked cheeses. Of course, you don’t want everything to be smoked because that’s overkill but serve up some kind of smokey delight and you’ll be getting hearts racing for sure.

Catering trend #2: Go international

People are bored of having the same old food day after day. So you can always guarantee a big hit at a business meeting or event by ordering international catering. We’re not talking your average Pad Thai, Mexican, and sushi, we’re talking new and different culinary classics from lesser known places abroad. Ordering foods with new and interesting ingredients always makes for intriguing corporate catering and is a surefire way to impress those VIPs and important clients.

Consider hosting a culinary journey showcasing Hawaiian food, Peruvian cooking, the flavours of the Caribbean, or even just a rustic Tuscan-style feast for a safer option. Side note: check with your team before ordering in any wild exotic cuisine, there’s always someone out there who can’t hack chilli or new flavours – they might need an alternative dish 😉

Catering trend #3: Art food

After one, two, three corporate events with cute nibbles, canapés, sliders, and grazing tables, impressive food starts to become less so. And with the popularisation of Masterchef-esque foodie TV shows, more and more people are wanting a taste of interesting food. They want obscure ingredients and dishes that are styled and plated up to perfection. They want to feel like they’re dining at Heston Blumenthal’s table, they want something they can snap and post on Instagram. Enter art foods.

Art foods are unique and edgy bites that use ingredients you haven’t heard of. Or maybe they use ingredients you know, but used in unusual ways. The key is to put together a dish that is plated up creatively and sounds intriguing on the menu. It’s outside-the-box cooking. Think food served inside a pumpkin, edible chocolate dirt, classic dishes served in new and outlandish ways. The idea with this kind of corporate catering is to spark the imagination and make your guests feel like they’re judges on a cooking show. Because that’s what eating is all about these days.

Catering trend #4: Super and raw foods

Who isn’t on a clean eating diet lately? If your office or clients are big on health and wellness, you might want to ditch the cheesy, saucy dishes. Instead, go for a superfood-focused approach to your corporate catering. Superfoods are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and everything else that’s good for you. They were a hot trend a couple of years back, and to be honest, they still are. In fact, it seems as though there’s a new superfood fad every few months. Turmeric, matcha, seaweed… one of the biggest food trends is to make food your medicine.

Give your employees and VIP clients a healthy boost that’ll keep them focused throughout the day. Treat them to freshly squeezed superfood juices, DIY smoothie bowls for breakfast, big fresh fruit platters, raw food lunches, and complex salads with a fusion of all the on-trend superfood ingredients. And if you think healthy food is boring, or raw food is limited to salads only, think again. You’d be surprised at how versatile fresh veggies actually are!

Catering trend #5: Wine and dine

Drinking is increasingly becoming a part of work culture, and people are starting to expect a boozy-something as part of their catered lunches and dinners. You probably already know that pairing corporate catering with fine wines is always a good call when hosting VIPs and clients. But doing the same for your teammates, too, helps make them feel appreciated and increases their enjoyment at the event tenfold. Do something new and different and consider offering cocktails infused with native ingredients, or locally distilled spirits for a chance to have your team ‘drinking local’ and trying things that are out of the ordinary.

Corporate catering can be cool

Corporate catering menus shouldn’t be limited to what the caterer provides. They should constantly be innovating to reflect food trends and fads that are dominating the market. To really impress clients and VIPs, or wow your employees, then you have to give them food that they’d want to order outside of work. So scrap the boring baguettes and sushi platters and be more daring with your next corporate catering order.

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you out. Our team of innovative and creative private chefs have a number of different talents and cuisines up their sleeves. Best of all, they’ll design a custom menu tailored to your corporate event. We can cater to any and all dietary requirements, and guarantee superb plating up that’ll have jaws dropping and people Instagramming. Get in touch now and let’s plan some impressive catering for your next corporate event!