A Private Chef for a Dog? Luxury Dog Parties are Melbourne’s Hot New Trend

If it sounds ridiculous it’s because it is – and there’s nothing wrong with that! Due to overwhelming demand, our private chefs are now hosting luxury birthday parties for Melbourne’s most-loved dogs. People want to treat their dogs to a taste of luxury with gourmet dining experiences, and as dog lovers ourselves, we don’t see why not! 

So, why host a luxury birthday party for your dog? Well, first of all, it’s a great way to make your pupper feel truly special. At the same time, you can give them a chance to see what it feels like to be a human, feed them gourmet multi-course treats, and let them be served by a private chef. It’s all a bit of fun and silliness (and a great Instagram opportunity) but your dog will love the attention. Who wouldn’t love to be doted on by a private chef? 

If you’re feeling like it might be time to celebrate your dog’s birthday with a little party, here are some ideas from the CHEFIN team… 

Take them to a dog-friendly bar

Let your dog socialise with your friends and their pet pups by heading out to one of Melbourne’s many dog-friendly bars. Relax in a beer garden and share a few drinks and laughs as you let your doggy enjoy the friendly social atmosphere and a bit of love on their birthday. Here are some of our favourite dog-friendly bars in Melbourne. 

Nice Guys Brewery and Bar

Let your dog sip from a doggy bowl while you help yourself to one of the 25 beers on tap at this brewery. Nice Guys has a leafy beer garden full of potted plants, and best of all, it’s heated – so you can take your dog for a drink rain, hail, or shine! 

Lulie Tavern

This friendly neighbourhood warehouse bar is the perfect spot for a late-night drink with your pup. With potted plants hanging from the ceiling and dimly lit atmosphere, your dog will feel cool as a cucumber hanging out here on their birthday! 


If it’s a nice and sunny day, you can’t beat taking your dog out to the beach where they can splash in the water and run amuck in the sand. This bar sits right on St. Kilda Beach and has plenty of outdoor seating for you and your pup to have a drink and enjoy the views before going on a seaside adventure. 

Bright Brewery

If your dog loves a little ride in the car, take them out to the mountains to this magnificent brewery. Sit in the beer garden amongst the trees and enjoy beers from the 24-tap selections. 

The Old Garage 

This is more a cafe than a bar, but why not let your dog feel a little sophisticated on their birthday? The Old Garage has a beautiful outdoor area with plenty of umbrellas to sit under, and better yet, they offer puppychinos for all the doggy guests. Enjoy a drink with your pup in the morning of their birthday when it’s still too early to head out to the pub. 

Dog birthday party trends from around the world

If you think we’re the only ones planning birthday parties for dogs, think again! Dog birthday parties have been happening for years, and they’re only getting bigger and better. If you’re obsessed with your dog and want a way to make them feel truly special on their big day, here are some dog birthday party ideas… 

Dog-friendly cakes

Humans shouldn’t be the only ones to enjoy a delicious cake on their birthday! Treat your pup to a yummy dog-friendly cake that they can dig into on their birthday. There are so many ingredients you could use to make a dog-friendly cake – some popular ones include pumpkin and cream cheese & peanut butter, or rolled oats with cottage cheese for a dog-friendly cheesecake. Carob also makes the perfect alternative to chocolate in cakes. 

If you don’t feel like making a cake, you could also buy a pre-made dog-friendly ice cream which is found in many pet stores. If your dog has allergies or isn’t so keen on a cake, make a fake cake by arranging their favourite treats together in a tower to look like a cake. And let them go crazy and scoff it down!

Deck them in a special outfit

Let your dog be the star of the party with a special outfit that’ll have them stand out amongst their friends and feel like number one. This could be anything from a cool party hat, a fancy dress, a bandana, or a bowtie. Bonus: buy this costume brand new so it can be a fun and exciting gift for your pup too. This’ll make for extra cute photos. 

Get the whole dog squad together

Dogs are pack animals, and the most fun they’ll have is when they’re surrounded by other dogs. If your dog has any puppy friends, invite them over for the ultimate dog social event. Let them run, sniff and play to their heart’s content! Make sure you have plenty of water in dog bowls, and plenty of snacks on hand for your doggy and all their guests. You could set up a little dog snack section filled with pupcakes, dog treats, or small snacks like frozen bananas or baby carrots. Organise some fun dog games like treat treasure hunts or tug-of-war, and  let this day be one for your pup to remember!

Doggy photo booth

Is there anything cuter than seeing your dog dressed up in a fancy costume? This is arguably more of a treat for yourself than it is for your dog, but your pup will love the attention all the same. You can make your own photoshoot backdrop or buy a cool-looking tarp, canvas, or poster to use as the background. Gather up a bunch of props and costumes, and set up your own little doggy photo booth! Sure, the costumes may only stay on for a brief period of time, but if it’s enough to get a good snap then that’s all that matters. 

Some props and costumes you could gather include fun hats, bandanas, ties, dog jackets, fake moustaches, necklaces, and more. Your guests can each have a go dressing up their pup and upload their photos to Instagram with a special hashtag for your birthday party so you can see all of the fun photos in one spot. If your dogs are happy wearing the costumes for a little longer, then host a puppy fashion show to show off all your adorable costumes. 

Hand out pawty favours

Dogs are generous souls and they’d really want you to treat their doggy guests at their birthday party too. So make some pawty favours that you can give out to the other doggy guests at your dog’s birthday party. These little packs can include small chew toys, a tennis ball, a handful of dog bones or jerky, a party hat or bandana, and maybe even one or two treats for their humans, too! 

Doggy ball pit

This is a fun activity for your dog and potentially their pup friends (though their could be some fighting over it!) Get a small kiddie pool, blow it up, and fill it with colourful balls to make a fun ball pit for your dog. Throw in some of your pupper’s favourite treats to add to the fun and excitement, and let them jump in and enjoy the ride!

Ideas for private chef meals for your dog

The more seriously you take your dog’s birthday, the more fun you (and they) will have. If you really want to go all out for your dog, hire a private chef in Melbourne to treat them to a multi-course meal. It’ll be a lot of fun, we promise. Give them the fun of enjoying a delicious homemade feast with a series of different dishes all aimed to please the gut and taste buds of a pup. 

Here are just some of the foods a Melbourne personal chef could make for your dog on their birthday… 

Kangaroo pasta

With fresh tomato sauce, a blend of Italian herbs, kangaroo tail, capsicums, olives, and anchovies. Top it off with some shredded cheddar cheese, and your dog can enjoy a delicious Italian meal made by a private chef. 

Wagyu steak

Only the finest quality meat for your dog, served with a side of steamed vegetables, offal mince, brown rice, and topped with a quail egg and sprinkle of spirulina. 

Doggy nourish bowl

Beef mince with duck foot, fresh applesauce, a grilled tiger prawn, sprinkle of barley grass and spirulina, cucumber, and sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds.  

Chicken liver pie

With pumpkin, offal, quail egg, and delicious homemade gravy made by your private chef. 

Dog ramen

With bone broth, sausage mince, bok choy, sauerkraut, and topped with a quail egg and tablespoon of caviar. 

Kangaroo burritos 

With avocado, cucumber, sweet potato, sesame seeds, and tomato salsa.

Lamb liver omelette

With beef mince, prawns, kelp, and served in a bone broth soup. 

Cabbage rolls

Stuffed with minced beef and pork, topped with pumpkin, quail egg, and radish.

Egg salad

Lightly flavoured with spices and served with avocados, toasted sesame seeds, and steamed spinach. 

Shepherd’s pie

With spiced lamb & beef mince, oat pastry, brown rice, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, and gravy. 

Hire a Melbourne private chef for your dog’s birthday party

And treat them to one hell of a celebration! Our personal chefs can whip up a multi-course feast that’s tailored to your dog’s favourite foods, any allergies, and can even make a meal that you can sit down and enjoy with your dog yourself (i.e. it’s both human and dog food at the same time). 

Have a little fun and let your pup feel special on their birthday with a luxurious dog party. They deserve it! Get in touch with our team and we can talk dog celebrations and dog degustations…