5 Ways to Eat Your Heart Out this Queen’s Birthday

Despite it not being her actual birthdate, we get to take a day off on June 18 in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday. Whether it’s really her birthday or not, it doesn’t matter: we have a public holiday and the opportunity to wine and dine to our heart’s content. Most of us don’t really do anything to celebrate the Queen’s Birthday, and here at CHEFIN we think it’s time to change that. 

If there was ever a chance to act like a royal and treat yourself to the finer things in life, this is it! We suggest celebrating the Queen’s Birthday by filling your bellies with the best food and drinks life has to offer. After all, that’s what the Queen gets to do on a daily basis. Here’s how to eat your heart out like a royal on this Queen’s Birthday. 

1. High tea

What could be more royal than a traditional high tea? Don your best clothes, do your hair up, and head out for a high tea breakfast, brunch, or lunch somewhere nice and fancy. Nibble on tiny sandwiches, indulge in sweet warm scones, and drink as much tea as your heart desires. This is how to live like a queen! If you really want to give yourself the royal treatment, host a high tea in your own home with a private chef. Imagine rolling out of bed on the public holiday, throwing on your robe, and heading straight to the garden where a high tea breakfast is prepared and waiting, complete with a hot pot of tea. Perfect! 

2. Get baking

If you don’t know how to spend the public holiday, why not get busy baking? There’s nothing more British than the great art of baking, so pull up some recipes for tarts, shortbreads, pies, or meringues, and start experimenting. Play The Great British Bake Off in the background and drink some Pimms while you’re at it. If there’s ever a day to indulge in some real Britishness, this is it – the Queen would absolutely adore seeing you celebrate her birthday in this manner. After all your hard work, you can spend the second half of the day stuffing your face with the fruits of your labour. Here’s hoping you know how to follow a recipe!

3. Make a roast

Sense a theme? Queen’s Birthday is all about celebrating… Britishness. And what’s more British than a roast? Buy a leg of lamb, garnish it with some rosemary, throw it in the oven, and make a gravy while you’re at it. With a side of potatoes and carrots, this is a meal fit for any queen! The best thing about a roast is that you can set it and forget it. You can spend the day relaxing in front of the TV while your roast cooks away in the oven. Heavenly. 

4. Be doted on by a private chef

You’re royalty – we’re all royalty. Or at least, we all deserve to feel like royalty. On this dear day, treat yourself like the royal you are and hire a private chef to cook your meals in-house. Because why not? It’s a public holiday, so sit back, relax, and let the platters of food be handed to you from your personal chef. Whatever your heart desires, your chef can whip up in an instant. Roast? Done. Beef wellington? Done! Scones, tarts, and meringues? Delivered to you piping hot and fresh out of the oven. Is there any better way to feel like the Queen of England? We think not. 

5. Have a BBQ

It is a public holiday after all, BBQs are what we do. If you can’t imagine yourself indulging in any of the culinary activities above, then you could just throw a good old Aussie barbecue. The Queen’s Birthday holiday is right at the beginning of winter, so it’s best to soak up the sunshine while you can. Gather your friends and family around for a day of celebration, play some games, watch the telly, and have yourself a good old public holiday – without the royal fanfare. 

Catering for all your Queen’s Birthday celebrations

However you choose to celebrate this Queen’s Birthday, we can ensure that good food is a part of the proceedings. Whether you’d like to have a private chef cooking in your home, Buckingham Palace style, or prefer to have some delicious treats delivered to you on the day, we can make it a reality. Get in touch with our team and let’s talk about all about the kind of food you want on the Queen’s Birthday holiday. You deserve it!