5 Fun Staff Games for This Year’s Office Christmas Party

An office Christmas party should always have fun and games, yummy food to gorge on, and some kind of gift-giving. It’s the end of the year, your team has been working super hard, and they all deserve a nice big bash as a reward. You don’t even have to leave the office to have some fun this Christmas. You don’t have to think too hard about the entertainment, either, because we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that we’ll share with you.

Whether the party is at an outside venue or in the heart of the office, it doesn’t matter – what does matter is that everyone is feeling merry! Here’s how to show your team a good time at this year’s Christmas party, all while staying in the cool comfort of your air-conditioned office. Let’s turn that office into a Christmas funhouse… Hear hear!

1. Christmas card workshop

A twist on the old kris kringle, this is a great activity for those employees who don’t want to participate in anything too exciting. For this activity you’ll designate a corner of the office and set up ‘Santa’s Little Xmas Card Workshop’. Supply the space with plenty of colourful paper, pens, stationery, markers, and art gear to make some seriously cool Chrissy cards.

Write the name of each employee on slips of paper, put it in a hat, and have each person draw out a name. Whoever they get paired with, they’ll have to hand make a Christmas card for that person in your little office workshop. You can have the Christmas card workshop set up all day – or even all week to give employees more time. Make sure that people are able to come and go and add to their Christmas cards whenever they feel bored at work or have some spare time during the office party.

At the end of the day, if you have any leftover material, then encourage employees to hand make some cards for their friends and family as well. This is a great activity for team building, bonding, and shared spirit, as well as a great opportunity for coworkers to share pleasant messages and get their creativity flowing.

2. Christmas cooking class

A cooking class is a fun and interactive activity, and a great way to combine entertainment with catering if your Christmas Party budget is looking a little low this year. With a cooking class, your team can either learn to cook some tasty treats to then give as gifts to others, or cook up a meal that they can dig into together as part of the Christmas Party.

Let a hired private chef lead the cooking class, sharing some tasty Christmas recipes and cooking tips and secrets. Together, your team can follow the instructions and make some delicious jam jars, Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, pasta, pizza, or whatever your heart desires!

There’s no better way to relax at the end of a work week (or year!) than by letting off steam with a fun team-based activity that stimulates your senses. Let your team smell the delicious aromas of their hard work, have fun together, and then enjoy the fruits of their labour.

3. Human Christmas tree decorating

Already have an office Christmas tree? It wouldn’t hurt to have more! This is a fun activity that’ll send your team back to their school years and all the fun art activities they used to do. For this exercise, you’ll want to stockpile some art supplies like crepe paper, pipe cleaners, aluminium foil, tinsel, and anything else you think might help make an awesome Christmas tree decoration.

Divide your office into small groups of 4-5 people and have each group designate one person to be the ‘Christmas tree’. Then let them get to work and start dressing up their tree, decorations and all! The idea here is to get creative and let your team experiment and interpret this game however they like.

At the end, let each group present their Christmas tree to the office with a little fashion parade. You can even have a vote and give out a prize to the winning team with the best decorated tree. This is a silly and fun activity that’s great for team building, creativity, and just good old-fashioned humour!

4. Blindfolded Christmas feast

For those offices who are a bit more traditional and don’t want to get too wild for Christmas, this is the perfect balance between an ‘out there’ activity and something well behaved. For a blindfolded Christmas feast, you’ll be hosting your Christmas lunch or dinner in the office – and have your team eat it all while blindfolded.

If you’re having your Christmas party in the office, then you’d better make sure that the Christmas catering is impressive and memorable. Start by hiring a private chef to create and cook up an elaborate feast that’s full of creative ingredients, delicious smells, and interesting textures (don’t worry, the chef will take care of the menu).

Serve up the menu, and have each employee taste the dish (while blindfolded) and comment on what they think they are eating. At the end of each course – or even just after sharing your thoughts – the chef can reveal the dish and you can see who has the keenest senses of your team.

There’s a lot more fun to this exercise than just guessing what you’re eating – having a blindfolded meal really heightens your senses so that you experience food in a way like never before. It’s a truly memorable activity that’ll make your Christmas office party unique.

5. Christmas minute to win it

Here’s a classic game that’ll have people enjoying themselves and getting involved in some office party fun. Yes, people may groan at first, but soon they’ll all be having a laugh and a great time, so drag everyone off their bums and together for some light hearted competition!

Here’s how to play: divide your employees into small teams for the game. You can have as many teams as you like, but at least two. Set a goal, and then give your teams one minute to achieve said goal. They’ll be having all sorts of fun trying to outdo each other and complete their missions within the timeframe.

Here are some goal ideas for a Christmas twist on the game:

  • Buy a pack of gingerbread cookies and place one on the forehead of each competitor. The goal is to move the gingerbread cookie down their forehead and into their mouth, using only their facial muscles – no hands! The team with the most members who eats their cookies within the minute wins.
  • Have a Christmas wreath ready for each team. Let each group pick a team member to start, and put a wreath around their head. The goal is to transfer the wreath from one team member’s neck to the next, using only their heads. Whichever team transferred the wreath between members the most within that minute, wins!

See? You don’t have to leave the office to have some fun at your Christmas Party! Just get those creative juices flowing, make sure you’ve got some silly entertainment at the ready, and let your team interact and join in some Christmas-themed activities. Just make sure you don’t forget the food… good food. If you’re having your Christmas Party in the office, then the food has to be outstanding. So why not hire a private chef to do it all? You’ll be combining food with a fresh exciting experience and treating your employees to something truly special.

At CHEFIN, we’ll connect you with a private chef to design a unique menu just for your office Christmas party. On the day, they can either cook the meal on-site (and have your employees watch as they prepare it), or deliver the food piping hot and ready-to-eat. The choice is yours! Best of all, we’ll take care of the cleanup too… Get in touch with our team now and see how we can make your office Christmas party a blast!