4 Spots to Host a Secret Romantic Dinner this Valentine’s Day

There’s nothing less romantic than being with your partner in the throngs of a crowd, sharing your romantic dinner with all the other loved up couples in the room. So make this Valentine’s Day just about you and your special someone by planning a secret romantic dinner away from the busy hotspots. You’ll treat your partner today that’s different and just about the two of you: no other couples, no loud crowds, and no cliches.

Here are 4 places you can escape with your sweetheart to enjoy a Valentine’s Day in privacy this year.

1. Hire a boat

There’s no better scene for romantic dinners, proposals, and loved up getaways than a private boat sailing on the harbour. The serenity of the open waters, stunning horizon, sunrises or sunsets, and privacy of a luxury yacht are unmatched when it comes to Valentine’s Day romance. So why not hire a boat and take your loved one out on a cruise along the harbour or the coast?

Make it an all-day affair and pack a picnic basket, some French champagne, and plenty of chocolate-covered strawberries so you can enjoy a smorgasbord out in the sun-drenched seas. With the boat all to yourself, you can play some music, stop at private beaches for a swim and a cuddle, and enjoy sailing the waters with your sweetheart.

2. Take them to nature

If the open waters aren’t quite the kind of nature that gets you going, another private romantic dinner option is to take your partner out to nature where you can lay amongst the shade of the gumtrees. Being out in the wilderness no longer means suffering the dust and dirt – there are plenty of glamping tents available that are just as splendid as a luxurious hotel room.

During the day you can go for a quiet hike and discover breathtaking scenery, stop at incredible natural lookouts, go fruit picking, discover local bush foods and produce, and drink fine wines at local wineries. At night, sit around a campfire and cuddle close together as you take in the starry night sky. This is a romantic Valentine’s Day getaway this unmatched in the peace and quiet factor! Truly away from all the bright lights and madness from the city.

At CHEFIN we can organise a romantic glamping getaway for you and your partner, complete with a local guide, organised activities (hello horseriding!) and five-star meals out in the open that are on par with the city’s fine dining establishments.

3. Find a secret venue

While nature has its fair share of romance to offer, some couples prefer staying indoors and away from the heat of the summer. And we don’t blame them! If you’re the type who likes to be comfortable, you can hire out a secret venue for just the two of you to enjoy. What you do with the venue is your choice! Decorate it with a romantic theme as you like – flowers, balloons, and chocolates aplenty – and spend the day eating to your heart’s content.

We can help you organise a couple’s activities such as cooking classes and workshops, art and wine fun, or even a blindfolded dinner. Just tell us what you have in mind for your couple’s day in privacy, or we can give you suggestions to get you thinking. Secret venues in our portfolio include entire terrace houses, restaurants, beautiful gardens, and more – all to yourself!

4. Stay at home

Sometimes Valentine’s Day is about seeking respite from the busy work week, and when it rolls around neither of you have the energy to go anywhere. That’s fine too! If that’s the case, we think the best option is to just stay at home, skip the usual Uber Eats, and go for something truly special.

We can send a private chef to your home to cook a spectacular multi-course fine dining meal, masseuses to offer a relaxing couple’s massage and plenty of wine and champagne to fuel your romantic day in. From morning until night, you and your partner can be looked after by our team. Rose petals on the bed and lavender-scented baths included!

Let us make your Valentine’s Day special

Whatever it is that you have in mind this Valentine’s Day, we can help you make it a reality. If you’re planning a proposal, we can work with you to plan a heart-wrenchingly sweet and memorable surprise. And if you’re just wanting to treat your love to a special day of luxury, relaxation, and romance, we can do that too. From fine foods and decadent desserts to exquisite meals and sweet cocktails, we do it all.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas for Valentine’s Day and how we can help you organise a romantic dinner unmatched in quality.