4 Spooky Halloween Hens Party Ideas

What’s scarier than losing one of your best girlfriends to marriage?! All jokes aside, there’s no better time to enjoy a hens party bash than in the month of October. It’s springtime, Halloween is around the corner, and you can take all of these occasions to have the ultimate Ghoul’s Night Out (see what we did there?)

Ladies, if you’re planning a hens night in October, don’t disappoint your loved one by missing the chance to make it a spooky one. Forget about the plastic penises and hens night sashes, make this night all about ghoulish fun and scary good times! Here are 4 ideas to spook up your hens party and make it a Halloween hens night to remember.

First: consider the bride-to-be

It’s all good fun if you yourself love a bit of horror, but before going all out with a Halloween hens party, think of the bride-to-be! If she gags at the thought of cheesy romantic comedies and gets excited at the idea of serial killers, supernatural, and slasher films, then you’re good to go.

But if your lady is a true romantic at heart, you might want to tone down the scary vibes but still keep the romance alive (think something more like Nightmare Before Christmas, a bit cute while still spooky).

1. Go on a ghost tour

What better way to bring all you ladies together than with a scary ghost tour? Explore the dark side of the city, learn about the horrible history of the past, and adventure into the deep dark corners of places you’d not normally visit. There is everything from convict tours, ghost tours, haunted houses, cemetery tours, and more.

Ghost tours aren’t for the faint-hearted. They’re for badass girls who want to do something a little different, and what better way to throw a memorable hens party than with a creepy ghost tour like no other! Get your costumes on, find a ghost tour in your city, and stick together, ladies!

2. Party in a haunted venue

With a weird wacky history like Australia, you’ll find plenty of haunted venues around. Crawling with the restless spirits of old convicts, murder victims, the mentally unstable, and more, there’s no better place to party on Halloween than in a haunted venue. And if you’re throwing a haunted hens night, then you’ll need a good tipple to keep the night going.

Steeped in history and still standing to this day, take your bride-to-be and closest friends on a pub crawl of the city’s most haunted bars and hotels. Haunted with ghosts, steeped in a mysterious history & vanishings, the sites of murder and ghost sightings… enjoy a beer or two amongst the city’s creepiest venues for a truly Halloween-y hens.

3. Scarily elegant makeup & costumes

Traditional hens parties are all about looking glam and gorgeous, but if it’s Halloween then take this opportunity to look hellish! Who said you can’t make bloody makeup look stylish and feminine? Go for bold smokey eyes, red/pink eyeshadows, blood red lippy, and a pale ghoulish look.

Top your makeup off with the elegance of fishnet tops & stockings, Day of the Dead floral headbands, dark veils, little streams of blood from the corner of your mouth, and references to astrology, Wicca, and all things occult. The bride? Well, she can’t miss out on the chance to be a zombie bride!

4. Creepy entertainment

Back from the ghost tour, finished off your creepy dinner, and ready for some fun? There’s plenty you can do a Halloween hens night that’s just as scary as it is good for bonding with your gals. Here are some ideas to keep you ladies busy on this spooky hens night once the real fun is over:

  • Scary movie marathon – If your bride-to-be is a lover of scary movies, then sit back and relax with a back-to-back marathon of her favourite flicks. Blood, gore, supernatural thrillers… whatever she’s into, deliver it! You ladies can cuddle up with some good snacks like popcorn, toffee apples, and loads of Halloween candy to sweeten up the spookiness of the evening.
  • Ghost stories – How long has it been since you all sat around in the dark with a torchlight, exchanging creepy stories? It’s time to revisit your school camping days and share some creepy stories in the dark. Take turns to tell stories – if you don’t have any, look up some awesome creepypastas beforehand!
  • Pumpkin carving – Maybe you ladies are ready for some more wholesome fun at the afterparty. Pumpkin carving is guaranteed for laughs, Halloween spirit, and you can do it with a glass of wine at the ready! Have a little competition with a vote for the spookiest face at the end. You’ll have the lifetime memories of your carved pumpkins, and lots of fun stories and chats to exchange while you’re doing the activity.