4 Christmas Catering Ideas for Your Corporate Christmas Party

Let’s be honest, the best part of any Christmas party is the food. Whether you choose to go for traditional Christmas cooking or serve creative contemporary dishes, Christmas catering is one thing you definitely want to get right at the party. If you’re not sure how to deliver the big Christmas meal for your corporate Christmas event this year, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started.

From daytime to nighttime events, big or small guest lists, here are 4 different ways you can serve Christmas catering that’s different from the usual glazed hams and turkeys. Bon appetit!

1. A long, leisurely Christmas lunch

This is traditional Christmas catering for sensible staff who want to have a little fun, but also want to go home early to spend time with the kids. Leisurely Christmas lunches can be held anywhere, from a decorated venue, a table set up in the outdoors, or even in your own office. Treat staff to a long, leisurely feast that starts off with a cocktail and ends with scrumptious dessert choices, and let them spend a few hours enjoying the best of traditional Christmas foods and bonding with their teammates.

Christmas lunch parties can still be decadent. Offer a grazing table filled with luxurious cured meats, dried fruits, and aged cheeses before moving on to an entree that’s different and exciting, with obscure ingredients your staff may have never tasted before. Move on to a main that’s hearty and a twist on the usual Christmas dishes, and finish off with a creative dessert that’s straight out of Masterchef. You can let those who want to leave early go home to be with the family, while the rest of the team can enjoy more canapés and drinks flowing into the evening.

2. Multi-course dinner extravaganza

To turn a classic Christmas dinner party into something a little more exciting, jazz it up by making the event an extravaganza. Your average Christmas catering can be made more enticing by serving multiple elaborate courses, themed dinners from specific cuisines around the world, and beautifully decorated tables with luxurious centrepieces. If your team isn’t too large, let a private chef personally host and serve each dish, explaining the ingredients and process and treating staff to a personalised dining experiences reminiscent of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Your multi-course dinner extravaganza can be dedicated to interesting cuisines that aren’t traditionally eaten on Christmas. Let staff have a taste of Hawaiian food, Caribbean cooking, Peruvian cuisine, or a journey around the world with each course showcasing foods from a different country. Pair your meal with unique beers, wines, and spirits from around the world, and let the chef lead your staff on a culinary journey to distant and far off places.

This can be a multi-hour event that spans over seven or eight courses like a degustation, and evolve into a banging dance party or pub crawl. For more well-behaved offices, you can treat staff to a movie or games night after dinner, have some live music for post-dinner entertainment, or even hire an entertainer or stand-up comedian for something truly different.

3. Team building Christmas meals

Tick off two boxes at once with an interactive Christmas party that encourages team building at the same time. What better way to celebrate Christmas than by engaging your staff in a fun and refreshing experience that builds special connections? Interactive Christmas catering is different from everyday dining and lets your staff unwind and enjoy food in new and unique ways.

The key with pulling off a team building dining experience is to have your staff interacting and creating personal connections over Christmas lunch or dinner. One way you can do this is with a blindfolded dinner. Let your staff indulge in a delicious Christmas feast while completely blindfolded. Here, you’ll want the food to be a little different from the norm. Senses are heightened when blindfolded, and everyone will have a completely new and exciting experience of eating. As each dish is served, your team can try to guess the ingredients used in the meal. After some fun banter and discussion over what’s in the meal, the blindfolds can be removed and your team can see who has the keenest senses.

Another way to encourage team building for Christmas is with a cook-off or cooking class. With the help of a professional private chef, get your staff to mix into different teams and together they can either learn how to cook a Christmas-themed meal or engage in a cook-off (or both!) For a cooking class, have them learn how to bake Christmas cookies, glaze a Christmas ham, or make some delicious Christmas pudding. With a cook-off your teams can either choose a dish to cook or pick a recipe out of a hat for some random fun. Let them get busy cooking and preparing the dish, and then have a big shared meal at the end tasting everyone’s results.

4. Christmas BBQ feast

Thought BBQs were limited to snags and steaks? There’s a lot more you can do with a humble BBQ than just serve up Aussie classics. Make the most of the beautiful summer weather and host your Christmas party outdoors with a big BBQ feast. Hire a private chef to perfectly cook each piece of meat, and make it an interactive affair by hosting a small BBQ workshop for your staff. The chef can show staff how to make different glazes and marinades and the difference between unique cuts of meat. Let your staff taste the difference for themselves and take home new recipes and tips and tricks.

If you’re not big on meat, you can host an indulgent BBQ spread of fresh and sustainable seafood. Vegetarians can feast on meatless meats and chargrilled vegetables. For something really different, go for a Brazilian churrasco experience where your staff can enjoy a buffet-style rotation of different meats and barbecued sides. Host your Christmas BBQ on a rooftop for scenic views or by the ocean for a refreshing sea breeze and fun in the sea. There’s plenty of ways you can turn a humble barbecue into an epic Christmas event – ask us for more ideas!

A full belly is the best Christmas gift

There are plenty of ways you can make Christmas catering a fun and exciting experience. The ideas listed above are just to get you started. Have a brainstorm, think of a theme, and go all out! If you want to bounce even more ideas around, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

As seasoned Christmas party caterers, we can help you find the perfect way to surprise your guests with incredible food that’s fun and fresh. With a team of talented private chefs up our sleeve, we’ll deliver a personalised experience complete with bespoke menus, venue help, and event planning services. So get in touch now and let’s make this year’s Christmas feast one to remember.