3 Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary During Lockdown & Restrictions Period

Let’s be honest: it’s been a strange year. While social distancing guidelines are finally loosening up here in Australia, it’ll still be some time before the world returns to normal. And until then, many of us are still trying to figure out how to celebrate milestones and really feel the enormity of a special event while in lockdown. If you’re celebrating an anniversary soon, you may be stumped as to how to make your partner feel special without relying on your usual arsenal of ‘date night go-tos’.

The thing is, up until recently, we’ve relied on celebrating events by heading out. We’ll take our partner out for a fancy dinner, sip cocktails in a crowded bar, or stock up on popcorn and coke and spend the night cuddled in a movie theatre. We’ll go anywhere but at home; as a special occasion, staying at home means you haven’t put in enough effort to celebrate. Does it even count as a date night?

But things have shifted over the last few months. More people are open to the comforting joy of staying home. We’re more honest about our need to step back and slow down, spend less and be less stimulated. We’re more inclined to admit that we don’t mind the simplicity of cuddles and eating in. Think you still have to wine and dine outdoors to celebrate your anniversary? Think again.

Here are 3 ideas for celebrating your anniversary during lockdown.

1. Bring the restaurant home

If you refuse to do anything but wine and dine your sweetheart on your anniversary, you’re a keeper. But if you can’t get a booking at your favourite restaurant due to social distancing measures, then why not bring the restaurant home?

People dine out so they can treat themselves to exquisite food in an environment that’s different from the usual. So you can replicate the eating out experience by setting up a special dining table in a corner of your home, decorating it with flowers and candles, and hiring a private chef to cater to you for the evening.

Personal chefs deliver a unique and intimate dining experience that you won’t get anywhere else, with fine dining quality food and service to match. The private chefs at CHEFIN are catering only one event every two weeks for maximum safety and hygiene, and only cater events up to 10 people. They’ll design a customised menu that’s tailored to suit your partner’s taste buds, so you can surprise your loved one with the dinner of their dreams.

As a bonus – we can also take care of the table decorating and ‘restaurant setup’ if you’re too busy to take care of that part yourself.

2. Your house is now a day spa

Rules differ in some states, but massages and day spas are not all yet open for business as usual. For many people, that means a big fat question mark when it comes to anniversaries. If your go-to gift is a massage or day spa voucher, it’s time to step up and admit to yourself that you’re just as capable of delivering that experience as any other person. Yes, you have hands – you can surely give a massage! Whether it’s good or not doesn’t matter so much as the thought here.

Treat your loved one to a day’s luxury with your own personalised day spa service. What could be more romantic than tending to your sweetheart all day? Go for everything from foot & head massages to oil massages, facials, steaming, hair treatments, bubble baths, and more. For the men out there who have no idea where to start, a good place is to head to a beauty counter in a department store and grab a luxury gift set. It’ll have all the bits and bobs you need for a first class facial or body treatment.

Get creative here – it’s super easy to set up an amazing vibe just by lighting a few candles, burning incense, and playing some relaxing music in the background.

3. Do something different: at home version

Feel like your anniversaries have started to become a little too repetitive? Take this lockdown period as a chance to try something different. If it fails, you’ve at least got an excuse for why you didn’t do the usual dinner and drinks. Start by thinking about your partner’s hobbies and interests: are they creative, serious, sporty, bookish, homey, high-energy, low-energy? Do they love board games, music, trivia or being playful?

From there, make a list of activities your partner may enjoy. Really go for it here – some of the ideas may seem outrageous but sometimes you’ve just gotta put things out there. Here are some suggestions to get you started: building a fort, playing your own trivia game, making music together, sculpting with clay together, cooking together, or even taking a short class together. Yes, it might sound crazy, but it also might be time to reintroduce the spark in your lives!

If you’re low on time and can’t organise such drastic anniversary activities, there’s still plenty to do when it comes to new experiences. Merge fun with food and try a multi-course blindfolded dining experience, or have some cheeky competition with a cooking class hosted by a private chef.

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