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Overworked restaurant chefs reach boiling point

Two-thirds of Australian chefs say work-life balance ‘impossible’ Think all professional chefs enjoy great job satisfaction and lavish lifestyles away from the heat of the kitchen? Think again. In reality a quarter of Australian chefs (24%) work overtime at an average of 53 hours per week in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of the restaurant world, according […]

Happy chef discovers “social” way to cook up a storm

Fine dining experience What happens when you combine quality ingredients and culinary creativity with the laid-back atmosphere of home? You get a unique social dining experience that’s just as satisfying for the private chef as it is for the hungry hosts and their lucky guests. This is the delicious world of CHEFIN, a new online […]

10 steps for the perfect dinner party at home

Dinner parties are like pasta varieties – they come in all different shapes and sizes, but they’re easy to prepare if you follow some basic instructions. Some are small, casual catch-ups, while others call for a big deep breath and a few extra sets of wineglasses. Send invitations Confirm numbers Get dietary requirements Pick the […]

Foodtech startup CHEFIN – press release

Australian food technology startup, CHEFIN created an innovative web app where party hosts and businesses can find professional private chefs to provide healthy meals and exclusive dining experiences. In December 2015 CHEFIN opened its digital doors and invited consumers and businesses across Sydney to connect with passionate local chefs via a new web application, along […]